Friday, October 1, 2010

Secure, Affordable, Wireless Processing Expanded to Android, BlackBerry and Windows OS Users

The excitement surrounding the announcement of secure, swiped credit card processing through the Apple iPhone a few months back was very much warranted. The PAYware Mobile application from Verifone is being offered to the public by ISO’s like Tempe, Arizona-based ePay Management. It has been a welcome solution to a large market of mobile merchants using the iPhone and is still proving to be an ideal solution for those users. The feedback we have received from our merchant partners utilizing the PAYware Mobile solution has been extremely positive.

The most common objections we are experiencing during the sales process relating to the PAYware Mobile solution are:

1.) an incompatibility with the latest Apple release of the iPhone 4G
2.) The reluctance of switching to the iPhone primarily due to a dislike of the AT&T service
3.) A merchant’s affinity for their existing Android, BlackBerry or Windows OS smart phones
4.) The lack of a printing solution

With the recent announcement by ePay Management of their partnership with Charge Anywhere, 3 of these 4 objections have been nullified. The addition of the Charge Anywhere mobile payment solution is allowing ePay to market wireless payment processing solutions to Android, BlackBerry and Windows OS smart phone users as well as iPhone 3G and 3Gs customers.

The Charge Anywhere solution pairs the P25 BlueTooth printer/magstripe reader with a compatible device for swiping credit cards on-the-go. This increases business productivity by speeding up the transaction time and increases revenues by allowing users to take advantage of the lower Interchange rates assigned to swiped transactions. Authorizations are received in real-time and settlements occur daily, decreasing accounts receivable problems and increasing cash flow.

The Charge Anywhere solution is compatible with the most popular smart phone offerings from most carriers, including the Bold, Curve and Storm series of phones from BlackBerry. The Motorola Droid and HTC G1 and My Touch with Android operating systems and the HTC Fuze, Tilt & Pure along with the Palm Treo and Motorola MOTO Q utilizing the Windows OS.

Because the Charge Anywhere application is certified and written for the operating system, the Smartphone application can be installed on most Windows Mobile 5.0+, BlackBerry 4.1+, Android or J2Me devices.

The application is able to capture and download mission critical business data above and beyond traditional credit card data such as invoice number, employee number, tips, tolls and more. QuickBooks users can import data from the payment gateway, eliminating time-consuming data entry.

ePay Management is aggressively marketing the Charge Anywhere and PAYware Mobile solutions to the retail, restaurant, QSR, HVAC, Plumbing, Towing, Trade Show, Limo/Taxi and Delivery industries.

Please contact ePay Management directly at 1-877-493-3729 or with questions regarding these or any other payment processing solutions.

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  1. Thanks for the post, I've been looking into Secure Payment Processing systems for my new business.